The Spokesdude Network

About Me

The beginning of my work life was in 2002 when I  worked as a part-time promoter of lawnmowers in one of our major wholesale stores in Pietermaritzburg. If someone had told me at that time that I would work on the computer and that I would spend time making voiceovers from my bedroom, I would have passed them off as crazy.

I had to wait seventeen years before I could incorporate my own company, The Spokesdude Network (Pty) Ltd. The delay was caused by fear of failure and my ignorance of South African laws with regards to companies.


There is nothing I take more seriously than my family and my work. Once I am engaged in delivering a service for my clients, there are no legal stops I wouldn’t pull to ensure customer satisfaction. I deliver on time, every time.


I love to sing, dance, watch movies and I love dogs.